Weekly Vibes #1

It has been a hectic week of slight blogging, studying, schooling, studying and cries of pleas for a break from silly useless ‘problems’ that I can confirm would not be used in the future by anyone. Try and tell me that one day, in the middle of walking around shops you’re going to whip out your ruler, measure the adjacent and the ‘opposite’ sides of a triangle that you SOMEHOW found but wouldn’t measure out the hypathomus hypothenus longest side of the triangle JUST SO you could use the Pythagoras theorem. If you’ve actually done in public or even at home then duck because I’m about to throw this protactor compass (I don’t understand why math stole this word from the navigational instrumental device which has been using this word since 206 BC AND was used in Treasure Planet) at you for taking the time to do that.

I wanted to post something today. Not another recipe, eventhough there might be one posted later this week. Nor just another random rambling; that’s unexciting. So I decided to do one of those weekly roundup-linkup-thingies. Because I’m running out of ideas and there are a couple of things-that-excite me that I want to share with you guys.

Okay? Go. (brace yourself for some unlabeled blue coloured phrases and words that are ACTUALLY links.)



/I didn’t believe in mermaids until I saw you in the oceans. And they will hunt you far and wide, baby out there in the open/

The moon.



Sun – in the ‘winter’. It’s Qatar after all…. so go figuh.


Stalks this guy’s instagram on a daily basis, along with her’s.

I also want this, despite my tongue not having tried the beauty of this fall favourite. I know, right? Crazy. I also have never tasted watermelon before but that’s besides the point and should be shunned upon from this moment forth.

this. i don’t suppose i need to say anything about it.

Err.. what else. Oh yes! My dad ordered this magazine for me, because of my relentless pleas of ‘Did you see it when you were there?’ to both of my parents and because he too wanted to order a ‘not to be found in Malaysia’ album so that was a win; all I’ve got to do is wait. It’s been around 3-4 weeks now.

I can wait *creepy smile*.

That went more random than what I would have prefered. But too late.

See you tomorrow!



Dark Silence




Darkness swept over my mind, dominating it with rules of only ruthlessness and cruelty. Eyes fogged, vision blurred from bright green nature, glare of the sun tinted and all that are coloured neutralised.

As all that are lost cannot be relieved, I sat quietly, silence pierced by overwhelming thoughts that cannot be answered. Humans past by, none of whom perturbed by the tranquility of their surroundings. What was once a blatant sphere ball of fire, turned to an aimless floating circular object making it’s daily rounds.

Reasonings have come upon a conclusion of which lacked -the already absent- optimism; there is nothing.

Nothing for me to live for. Not the bland dark skies. Not the desperate lies escaping the chapped mouths of others. Not the muted noise the wind bears, nor the pleas the failing tulips and gray oaks mouths to me, as their roots began to rot with age and neglect.

It’s far too late.

I’ve given up.


(shut up spell check)


there is a darkness that is not needed


I have just recently failed my 4th math quiz of the term, proudly sitting next to it’s brothers underneath an abundance of other quiz papers that I did not pass. Shameful, but I honestly blame the teacher. I won’t complain about her again today, as I know it must bore you to streams of tears and mucus both of which is flowing out of the same canal, so I’ll shut up about that. For now *witch cackle*.

HOWEVER, the topic that I would like to chat with you guys about has a relation to the above; overworking. Stress. Worry. Whatever, they’re all related to each other one way or another, and I’m sure everybody has gone through one of them in their life – I have at least. I, and many others in my grade, are approaching the end of our high school days as the dreaded D day (dead day. get your mind out of that murky area!) a.k.a damn IGCSEs are nearing. Which equals to us students drowning in the endless ocean of revisions, notes, assignments (what is the POINT of shoving assignments to us AND telling us to start revising? What exactly do you want us to do eh teachers?), last minute tests and, the #1 supporter of them all, pressure. By teachers, peers, parents and any other adults or even fellow pupils in your life, someone will freaking make you panic and hyperventilate as you realize that *gasp* you might not be able to finish this in time AND to study for that AND to get sufficient amount of sleep. So you cram it all in, hardly taking a breather or a cup of coffee, as there are just too little time for normality anymore. 8 hours of sleep? Pfft. Last time I’ve heard of that was when I was 12.

First of, chill. Drop that pen/textbook/whatever is in your hand and step away from that form of work. Go and open some sort of music, whether it be something deliberately calming (ocean waves perhaps? Or the ol’ Beethoven’s Love Story) or one that just lifts your spirits, in a humorous or joyous way. All there is for you to do now is just take your pants off and dance with all your might while belting to your song of choice (or one of the songs above. Just keep in mind that if you do sing along to the first one, your neighbour might call the police on you as it’s chorus does not exactly have appropriate lyrics) and simultaneously chugging gallons of milk chocolate/iced coffee/tea because you can. Do this for around a quarter of an hour; after that 15 minutes are up, put your pants back on, wipe your mouth (because it is almost impossible to have drank those beverages while jumping up and down neatly. If you did though, then fantastic *thumbs up*). OR OR OR my personal favourite method of relaxation is to bake/make food, because there is nothing better than to do something that benefits your stomach + the other residents of your living quarters, and then to eat the freshly made produce straight after with a good comic book/novel on your bed.

Just take a break from that thing you were working on and take a long nap. Unwind. Take the so called ‘chill pill’ – kidding. Don’t take a chill pill because most pills that makes you feel good good are illegal; go drink a hot chocolate or something as that is calming AND legal. Win win situation.

So in conclusion;

Screw you math, I’m going home (i hope you know what i’m making a reference of)



I received a ‘Letter of Concern’ at school today, among numerous other students. Fortunately for me, it was only for one subject, and I had already suspected it – but not for my parents neuww.

It stated (aside from the usual ‘Your child received a lower than average grade’ crap)  ‘I recommend your child to take core’. That’s it. No ‘I recommend your child to do some extra practice if he/she would like to do extended’, nope. Just a simple ‘take core’.

Well I HIGHLY recommend you to try and act more like a teacher because that is possiblythe best way to ruin a student’s self esteem. Like ‘Damn am I that bad at _____? I mean… huh’. And no, don’t try and tell me that ‘it’s far too late for encouragements as the Mock Exams are just around the corner’ in that snooty accent of yours. It’s never too late to be encouraging. It is, however, far too late to change one’s taste in fashion (you wouldn’t understand this unless you go to the same school as I do).

Anyways. Enough with my ranting. Let’s get to the goods.


Song of the week:

One and Only by Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy. When Pete had the so called ’emo’ hair.