Weekly Vibes #1

It has been a hectic week of slight blogging, studying, schooling, studying and cries of pleas for a break from silly useless ‘problems’ that I can confirm would not be used in the future by anyone. Try and tell me that one day, in the middle of walking around shops you’re going to whip out your ruler, measure the adjacent and the ‘opposite’ sides of a triangle that you SOMEHOW found but wouldn’t measure out the hypathomus hypothenus longest side of the triangle JUST SO you could use the Pythagoras theorem. If you’ve actually done in public or even at home then duck because I’m about to throw this protactor compass (I don’t understand why math stole this word from the navigational instrumental device which has been using this word since 206 BC AND was used in Treasure Planet) at you for taking the time to do that.

I wanted to post something today. Not another recipe, eventhough there might be one posted later this week. Nor just another random rambling; that’s unexciting. So I decided to do one of those weekly roundup-linkup-thingies. Because I’m running out of ideas and there are a couple of things-that-excite me that I want to share with you guys.

Okay? Go. (brace yourself for some unlabeled blue coloured phrases and words that are ACTUALLY links.)



/I didn’t believe in mermaids until I saw you in the oceans. And they will hunt you far and wide, baby out there in the open/

The moon.



Sun – in the ‘winter’. It’s Qatar after all…. so go figuh.


Stalks this guy’s instagram on a daily basis, along with her’s.

I also want this, despite my tongue not having tried the beauty of this fall favourite. I know, right? Crazy. I also have never tasted watermelon before but that’s besides the point and should be shunned upon from this moment forth.

this. i don’t suppose i need to say anything about it.

Err.. what else. Oh yes! My dad ordered this magazine for me, because of my relentless pleas of ‘Did you see it when you were there?’ to both of my parents and because he too wanted to order a ‘not to be found in Malaysia’ album so that was a win; all I’ve got to do is wait. It’s been around 3-4 weeks now.

I can wait *creepy smile*.

That went more random than what I would have prefered. But too late.

See you tomorrow!



Screw You Oh Hated Teacher

On a Thursday night, my usual routine would consist of some kind of incoherent webpage with a second mug of hot milo and a packet of bourbon biscuits from 6 in the evening to midnight – with trips to the kitchen and bathroom in between. That was last year, when I was still in year 10 and oblivious to everything that was actually important.

Last Thursday night, I was found in my room, door locked, with a green highlighter in hand as I struggle to understand the process of genetic engineering, stomach growling to be fed dinner. The first time I had ever let school interfere with my eating, and my usual 6-plus-hours-of-internet per day routine. I even had a math study date with a friend of mine on Friday, which lasted for about 4 hours. I now know how to properly multiply probabilities together thanks to her, SO GEt oN YER KNEES.

You have no idea how frazzled my brain feels right now, and how guilty I actually feel right now for being on the computer instead of writing some more notes. And the amount of times I whispered to myself, or probably to Ginger the bear, ‘kill me now’ was quite worrying.

So dear hated math teacher, I dedicate this playlist to you.




Everyday I Love You Less and Less by Kaiser Chiefs

Or in my situation, everyday I hate dislike you more and more.

I Don’t Have The Heart by James Ingram

Or in my case, I do have the heart to hurt you.

One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Just wait for the part where he yells ‘Shut up! But it’s boring..’. Both parts are me, in your class. 

I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy

Really, I don’t. 

Out Of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums

You will never be in my league, nor will I ever want to be in your league. (‘your’ being math)


And of course… I saved the best for last.

Fun/Truck You by Lily Allen. (if you’re under the age of there-is-a-parent-near-you-and-you-don’t-have-earphones/headphones don’t listen to this)

I love you Lily. 

Have a good week y’all.


Bob Your Head With Me

Boo to the yah, I have just completed my last test of the week so suck on that teachers nyehhee which could only mean one thing.


You got that right. I wore two completely different shoes, yes. But let’s focus on the main point here; the music I’m going to be sharing with you all. These are the songs that I’ve been bobbing my head to every morning outside the school gates, oblivious to the fact that I probably look like an idiot to the teachers and the security guards. The other students already know my psychotic and loner reputation at school, but let us not discuss that side of me.



Birthday Song by 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West. Great start am I right? There’s just something refreshing about listening to something that doesn’t remotely  make sense, but has a wide range of colourful vocabulary. Plus I would like to boast that I know Kanye’s rap part. *waits for an applause but is presented with only an eye roll*. (as I have provided a video with lyrics you too, can rap along to it)

Superhuman Touch by Black Swan. Unf. This song was introduced to me by my sister, who used to be obsessed with it. And… “You pick a colour and I’ll sing it for you”. Where can I get one.

It’s Up To You Now by The Black Keys. The fact that this band is a twosome of 40-ish year old men who are …. (checks thesaurus) freaking superb at playing the guitar -and singing. I mean that raspy voice- and drums itself is a reason that I listen to them. But dude. This song has like, guitar solos and drum solos. It has a drum solo. 

Howling by To Kill A King. Just like the name suggests, the song sounds kind of like the howling of a dog; soulful, slow and eerie [in a way]. As the song escalates, the instruments in the background rises from their graves and just takes over after the second chorus. It is so good man. Gah.

Kimberley by Child Care + the entire ep. The beginning of this song is weird. You will think that it’s the wrong link, but it isn’t. That part lasts for 3 or so seconds. After that everything just comes on. It wasn’t the song itself that caught my attention, it was the lyrics. Such odd ones they were, my eyebrows crinkled as the teachers pass by me thinking me a psycho killer scheming up an evil plan. No teachers, my mind is not as interesting as that. Oh yes, credits to Dan Smith as I found out about this band through his twitter which I stalk daily hourly. Go and download the album. You’ll love me.

The Driver by Bastille. Saved the best for last. I mean… duh. The different tones of Daniel’s voice. William’s guitar (dying over it). The lyrics – “The sun will rise with my name on your lips, ’cause everything will change tonight”. I stayed up the other day to listen to it when it was first released, and I haven’t stopped salivating over it ever since. Go listen to it, until the end because of Dan’s little breath at the end .


There. I hope you do end up bobbing your head to these. Peace.


Black ‘n White: Top 5 things that makes meh happeh (no order)

In all honesty, I did this post just so I could take and edit pictures c:


us 4

From left: Aya, Amal, Farah, Me

(Note: I couldn’t find a good picture of my family so it’s just gonna be my friends and I)

This one was kind of a no-brainer cuz like, there’s probably no one else that could make as happy as you would when you are with your family and friends 🙂


coffee or tea

Oh man… there’s something in coffee that makes me feel so damn happy, no wonder why I was sort of jumpy to go to school that one fiiinne morning. Tea, on the other hand, is just so dang peaceful. Like, say you’re in a pissy mood, just drink tea and somehow all your problems are dissolved in the steam.


Have you ever had a day where you are just like ‘Nope I don’t want to talk to you, you, you, you…’ and you’re just like putting your big-ass headphones on and raising the volume up? No?



Ever since I was trusted to use an oven on my own I have been baking up lots of crap every weekend and it is so much fun. I mean, it feels so good to know you aren’t eating perservative filled… cake or somethin! AND when you start giving your neighbour some too…. ahh. The best part is when they give you their feedback on it.


These two are such a good way to stay up on a school night (I’ve done it before with The Notebook) because like, if you’re watching a good movie, I say it’s well worth it because you could always catch up on sleep at school – lots of teachers allow that now if you get your work done early. If they don’t then.. well.. sucks to you eh? But no matter what time you’re doing this; I can guarantee that it will still be awesome.

If you are actually reading this then thanks for takin your time to read through all that (or you might’ve just skipped to this message :P) annd…

Have a good day lovelies 😀