Weekly Vibes #1

It has been a hectic week of slight blogging, studying, schooling, studying and cries of pleas for a break from silly useless ‘problems’ that I can confirm would not be used in the future by anyone. Try and tell me that one day, in the middle of walking around shops you’re going to whip out your ruler, measure the adjacent and the ‘opposite’ sides of a triangle that you SOMEHOW found but wouldn’t measure out the hypathomus hypothenus longest side of the triangle JUST SO you could use the Pythagoras theorem. If you’ve actually done in public or even at home then duck because I’m about to throw this protactor compass (I don’t understand why math stole this word from the navigational instrumental device which has been using this word since 206 BC AND was used in Treasure Planet) at you for taking the time to do that.

I wanted to post something today. Not another recipe, eventhough there might be one posted later this week. Nor just another random rambling; that’s unexciting. So I decided to do one of those weekly roundup-linkup-thingies. Because I’m running out of ideas and there are a couple of things-that-excite me that I want to share with you guys.

Okay? Go. (brace yourself for some unlabeled blue coloured phrases and words that are ACTUALLY links.)



/I didn’t believe in mermaids until I saw you in the oceans. And they will hunt you far and wide, baby out there in the open/

The moon.



Sun – in the ‘winter’. It’s Qatar after all…. so go figuh.


Stalks this guy’s instagram on a daily basis, along with her’s.

I also want this, despite my tongue not having tried the beauty of this fall favourite. I know, right? Crazy. I also have never tasted watermelon before but that’s besides the point and should be shunned upon from this moment forth.

this. i don’t suppose i need to say anything about it.

Err.. what else. Oh yes! My dad ordered this magazine for me, because of my relentless pleas of ‘Did you see it when you were there?’ to both of my parents and because he too wanted to order a ‘not to be found in Malaysia’ album so that was a win; all I’ve got to do is wait. It’s been around 3-4 weeks now.

I can wait *creepy smile*.

That went more random than what I would have prefered. But too late.

See you tomorrow!