[Vegan] PB and J ice cream cake

It has been far too long and I have no good excuse. I was on vacation in Malaysia for 9 days, until the beginning of this week. I planned on posting this post on the day I landed, that night maybe. Boy did that plan got thrown out of the window, along with the study schedule my mom made up.


So in other news, today is the last day o-. Woah hold on. Cross that, today is apparently not  the last day of 2014, as I was just informed by my father around 45 seconds ago. The things that slip out of your mind when you’re on a holiday. Talk about holiday, it was Christmas the other day! It was quite weird as not a single cheer or ‘YAAHH’s were heard at midnight when I was staying up watching ‘Good Mythical Morning’ when I was at Malaysia despite having a Christian neighbour. All the spirit for him has gone perhaps, as he is seemingly near the edge of his life (no offence sir. On the bright side you’ve got a rather modern taste in architecture from the look of your new porch/dancing area – just shows how young a soul you’ve got).

Despite me being a Muslim, I find this yearly celebration exciting, as everyone (by everyone I mean the christians) hustles around shops at the last minute, scolding shop keepers bearing beanies adorned with cute bells-that-gets-old-with-the-jiggling-far-too-soon who mistakenly wrapped the cake holder with the Eid-themed dark green wrapper instead of the one with Olaf stamped all over it, along with the ever so young Santa Claus whom waddles around the mall, handing out the usual red-and-white striped candy cane and maybe even trying to get kids to get into a white van with him which I am now apparently too old for. Yes, I am younger than my sister by 8 years old so no, we aren’t friends. 

Damn. I sound like the grinch now. No wonder I’m starting to fancy broccoli a lot these days (the green yo).


Talk about broccoli. I made something for myself, because 1) I finished studying half of the Biology textbook (kind of) and the History stuff AND 2) again, despite being a Muslim and not really allowed to celebrate Christmas, I decided to join in the festivities and joy that people are posting on their Instagram (which you can follow me here) and I am jealous of all them baked treats. But this isn’t all the way baked, oh no. It’s semi raw, fully vegan.


Ooh yes. Chewy oatmeal cookie base, peanut butter banana ice cream and the teeny balls of frozen raspberries and shaved chocolate. The PB and J ice cream cake yo. Or The Elvis sans bacon, seeing as there are bananas in there too.



I can’t get over close up shots of those bits of raspberries. They’re so pretty.

Gah. The simple pleasures in life… Go make this man. It’s too easy not to.



PB and J ice cream cake (vegan)


For the cookie base:

I got the recipe from Top With Cinnamon, all you’ve got to do is 1.5 times it… Err. Well the original recipe makes 4 cookies but I did some calculations and altered it to make 6 cookies. I’m sure you would know how to too.

ALSO if you would like to make it an oatmeal cookie too (for extra chew) replace half the flour for oats, and omit the chocolate chips/chunks.

Ice cream yo:

1 frozen banana

1/2 – 1 tablespoons of peanut butter

a splash of milk

Things to make it look pretty:

Frozen raspberry bits. I don’t know what the actual word for this. OR not frozen is fine too.

Shaved chocolate

Melted peanut butter with some chocolate (you could drizzle the end product with this)


To make the base, you’ve got to bake the cookie dough in a small spring form pan (roughly the size of your palm) for 5 minutes. No more, no less. Leave it to cool for half an hour or so (which you could spend productively by watching Sorted).

To make the ice cream part, blend the frozen banana slices until they begin to come together and resemble a fluff of a sort; just be patient with it as it will require a lot of smushing with a handy spoon, or if you have a short temper and simply CAN’T be bothered with silly frozen fruit that won’t bind together as easily as you thought, well never fear as you’ve got your milk to help it bind – only a splash though. After it begins to resemble the fluff I was talking about earlier, you can now put the peanut butter in, and blend again until… well blended.

To form the actual ice cream cake, you have to make sure that the cookie base has fully cooled down, and to check that it can easily slide out of the cake tin. Once these are confirmed, you can now pour in the ice cream into the tin and smooth it out. Shove it into the freezer for around 15 minutes, take it out and you can now do as you like with it.


(No, I am not ashamed of the obviousness that I used a black cloth.)

I know that this is pretty dang simple and can’t possible be called a recipe, but it was fun to make all the same :).

Have a good holiday everyone.


Light’s Signature Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


When I said basic, I really meant it. Like basic where I tell you how I make my oatmeal.

But it’s good man. Like really good. Good to the point where I take the time to write out a whole post about them.

Talk about good. I just recently bought the Royal Blood album from Virgin whilst out with my friends (because to be honest I don’t my dad and I would’ve gone that far on a weekend) after much thinking logically -you’ve listened to most of the album anyway, so what’s the point in buying it?- and illogically -but you get to hold it in your hands- throughout the Mockingjay movie. I had obviously chosen the latter route because… you know, duh.

And it was worth the 60 I paid, despite it having only ten songs, making each song costing a 6. I didn’t care, the fact that it made me want to whip my hair back and forth (but obviously I couldn’t as my father was next to me and whipping my hair would’ve put a deep cut to my innocent reputation) and air guitar and air drum along to them was a good enough reason. You bet I raised the volume up high, drowning out our conversation.

That’s just how it is with this oatmeal. Some people despises it, while others love it. Why do people despise it though? It’s kind of weird to me, because it’s a very versatile grain to work with; you can make it savoury or sweet, decadent (add butter. it’s bomb) or healthy, naked or bedazzled with fruits, brown sugar,, honey and all that jazz. If it weren’t for instagram, I think I would have fallen in that category of human beings.


What’s so good about this oatmeal? I mean… It’s just whole oats that absorbed some milk and water.


It’s not. That’s what. It’s fudginess is comparable to brownie batter I kid you not, along with the super chocolatey flavour lent by the cocoa powder and dark chocolate and mashed banana. And the hazelnut milk I used.

Did I mention it’s healthy + vegan?

No? Well. There it is right there^.




Light’s Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


1/4 cup of raw whole oats

1/4 cup of hazelnut milk (or any type of milk really; the hazelnut just gives it a nutella vibe)

Around 1/3-1/2 a cup of water, or enough to make 2/3 of a cup of liquid

2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 of a banana, mashed

1 teaspoon of sweetener, omit if you don’t mind the slight bitterness

optional but life’s too short so mandatory: two blocks of preferably dark chocolate, but use any kind


Heat up your liquids, then add in your cocoa powder and stir like you would when making hot chocolate; if you’ve never made hot chocolate before you haven’t lived then just stir until well mixed.

Add in your oats, stir consistently until it very slightly plumps up. Add your mashed banana and stir like you’ve never stired before. Give it a taste; you need it to be sweeter? Pour in that sugar then and stir. You don’t need it to be sweeter? Leave it as is. You’ve only got one life, make it a good one.

Now, get that pot of oatmeal of yours off the stove and throw in your optional-but-not-really chopped pieces of chocolate and watch it melt beautifully. And stir it up, don’t forget that.

Pour it in a bowl, top with peanut butter Greek yogurt, banana slices, some more chocolate, take a bite and die. But then wake up from the dead because you aren’t going to waste that bowl of oatmeal and the remnants on the pot.


Good nigth. Night. Can’t spell.


peanut butter s’mores

So there was this one time when I gave a fudge. Not literally, like I handed a dodgy looking stranger a fudge which is an idiotic move as giving a piece of confectionery to someone whom you haven’t any relation to could lead to something that would endanger your very being. I am simply just replacing an unpleasant word that would make my mother’s face turn red and spill her Cafe 21 with a G rated word that is family friendly – not saying that it’s cool for you to say it at school or in public. As I was saying, the other day in math class I decided to do some actual work and not doodle the powerpuff girls on the bottom of the page, which totally payed of because I received a damn smiley face by the teacher-that-hates-my-guts. The amount of pride I gave myself was embarrassing, as the other students were at their third smiley or so already, while this was my first.


This called for a celebration, as all things wonderful do. Not the kind of celebration where one would invite people over for one havoc of a party, nay I am too classy (lonely) for that and I don’t plan on sharing my food with individuals whom I do not give a fig (another food word!) about, nor will I ever actually give figs to as they’re too pretty for them (they as in the figs). This is where the peanut buttah saunters in.

Not gracefully though, as it is quite sticky *winkwink* (i mean i DID use the word ‘saunter’ and that already sounds somewhat vulgar so that joke was much needed), if you know what I mean. This idea came to me after a long ass day of moping around in school, like a little voice whispering to me. So don’t thank me for making your snack times as enjoyable as it will be in the future, thank that bird there.


Just pile ’em on top of each other and devour within mono seconds. If you’re willing to spare a minute or two, after forming it into a sandwich, shove it in a griller/toaster for a few. It’s worth it.

That’s the recipe.

Well. Just don’t forget that Dora loves you.

(slow start to this pb month right?)


[Vegan] Banana French Toast

I decided to not edit the pictures in today’s post. I was in the process of doing so, but then decided; hey why not just post the pictures while they’re still raw? 


Wow. So unicorn. Much rare. Is this what I think it is.

Yes, yes it is what you think it is. But mucho better. It is a recipe post brought to you by yours truly, if you didn’t figure it out. If you didn’t actually figure it out you can get out of here  then welcome to my world, where people are expected to know what is going on in my head. It gets quite crowded in there, what with all the thoughts of Dan Smith’s wonderful voice (and face) and zambies and of course, math because it is the worst subject with the worst teacher ever duh.

So, [vegan] banana french toast. How does that sound? If the sight of the name itself made you voice out awful noises that are meant for the bathroom (I’m looking at you Fars), do not be alarm and put your pants back on. Yes,  these do not contain the egg that a traditional french toast would but yo, screw traditional. Imma be going to the next level. Now, egg-based french toast tend to taste savoury; to me at least. And I am more of a ‘dessert for breakfast’ kind of person. I like to start my mornings off with anything that has some form of sugar in it, whether it be the natural kind or the fake; doesn’t matter to me. This contains the first form of sugar.


Look at that. What is that. The light gooeyness (don’t even try to correct my spelling on that spell check) of the middle-of-the-bread along with the melty yogurt and the crisp burnt sugar bits. I’m salivating so hard right now. I was highly inspired to make this by the fabulous So Fine Was The Morning and Minimalist Baker, picking out the key ingredients and estimating how liquid I wanted the mixture to be or how thick I wanted it to be. I was surprised that my father did not awake from his beauty sleep with all the racket I was making down under.

So I present to you…



[Vegan] Banana French Toast. 

1 ripe/spotty banana

2/3- 1 cup of almond/any plant based milk; you can use normal milk if you don’t mind it not being vegan.

1/4-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (depends on your taste buds)

2 1/2 – 3 slices of bread (depending on the type of bread you use)


Mash your banana up well, until little or no lumps can be detected.

Pour in your milk -begin with 2/3 cup, and then just slowly pour in the rest of the 1/3 cup if you think it is not liquidy enough- until the banana mush is fully incorporated with the milk. Mix in your cinnamon to the mixture.

Grease your pan thoroughly as this sticks to the pan very well. Soak your bread slice in the banana-milk mixture on both sides until you are sure that it has soaked enough and slap that on your pan and… make your french toasts as you normally would.

Serve with any toppings you’d like but ice cream and chocolate syrup are highly recommended. Or you could always eat them naked. The french toast I mean.


I am now not surprised as to why I don’t post recipes anymore; I suck at getting the how-to bit right.

Oh well. Enjoy.