Dark Silence




Darkness swept over my mind, dominating it with rules of only ruthlessness and cruelty. Eyes fogged, vision blurred from bright green nature, glare of the sun tinted and all that are coloured neutralised.

As all that are lost cannot be relieved, I sat quietly, silence pierced by overwhelming thoughts that cannot be answered. Humans past by, none of whom perturbed by the tranquility of their surroundings. What was once a blatant sphere ball of fire, turned to an aimless floating circular object making it’s daily rounds.

Reasonings have come upon a conclusion of which lacked -the already absent- optimism; there is nothing.

Nothing for me to live for. Not the bland dark skies. Not the desperate lies escaping the chapped mouths of others. Not the muted noise the wind bears, nor the pleas the failing tulips and gray oaks mouths to me, as their roots began to rot with age and neglect.

It’s far too late.

I’ve given up.


(shut up spell check)


Baked Brownie-style Oatmeal a.k.a Another Oatmeal Thang

‘That is absolutely brilliant’

The group of words that made my day better than it was. It was said by my history teacher, after I asked if he had marked the tests we did in the morning or not. I was extremely nervous as I did not do an 8 mark question – the test was out of 30. The highest I thought I could’ve received was a 19; that is, if he was lineant. Wrong I was, fortunately, as I received a 21, along with that sentence up there. I cannot believe how proud I am of myself.

I might actually cry. Might. 

So I celebrated; as I usually do for events as important as this. By peanut buttering up everything I eat. Woah, okay. I nearly had a seizure there, as spell check did not underline the word ‘buttering’ with that unwanted red squiggle. I win this time *hides wet knife as a sinister smile appears*.

The food item that I most often choose as a base for my lovely peanut butter is toast. Simple, yet clever. I don’t know how clever comes into this but just go along with it.


Oh what the shiz is that. That is NOT supposed to be here.

Neu. THis is supposed t-


Stahp it. I’ve already posted something that is remotely similar to this. But…that peanut butter and melty chocolate chunks… Who cares if I’m posting back to back oatmeal recipes. I don’t. You might.

So we’re agreeing. Okay. More peanut butter porn you say? Later. Let me get just talk about this thing first.

It is not of the same family as the last oatmeal I posted; it is more of the same phyla. Or class, as it both holds the oatmeal in each of their names, but not the same texture. I actually haven’t the slightest idea as to what a baked oatmeal is like, especially in texture. All I know is that if you put banana slices on top, the faint yellow caramelizes into a shade of burnt gold.

Oh dear me, thank gosh I decided to join the party.

Like. How can you not.






Such a win. I don’t want to talk anymore, let’s get on to the recipe.


[Vegan] Baked Fudgy Chocolate Oatmeal


1/4 cup of oats

1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon of chocolate oatmeal

1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 banana, mashed

1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

1/2-1 tablespoon of flour

1 teaspoon of sweetener (i used honey)

cinnamon brah

however much blocks of chocolate you want; the sky’s the limit. just kidding your wallet is snarfsnarf.


Mix everything together. Pour it into an oven-safe container and don’t forget to put a couple of slices of banana on top and bake it at 165 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes. Get a spoon of peanut butter ready.


I’m on a recipe makin’ roll this week.


Light’s Signature Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


When I said basic, I really meant it. Like basic where I tell you how I make my oatmeal.

But it’s good man. Like really good. Good to the point where I take the time to write out a whole post about them.

Talk about good. I just recently bought the Royal Blood album from Virgin whilst out with my friends (because to be honest I don’t my dad and I would’ve gone that far on a weekend) after much thinking logically -you’ve listened to most of the album anyway, so what’s the point in buying it?- and illogically -but you get to hold it in your hands- throughout the Mockingjay movie. I had obviously chosen the latter route because… you know, duh.

And it was worth the 60 I paid, despite it having only ten songs, making each song costing a 6. I didn’t care, the fact that it made me want to whip my hair back and forth (but obviously I couldn’t as my father was next to me and whipping my hair would’ve put a deep cut to my innocent reputation) and air guitar and air drum along to them was a good enough reason. You bet I raised the volume up high, drowning out our conversation.

That’s just how it is with this oatmeal. Some people despises it, while others love it. Why do people despise it though? It’s kind of weird to me, because it’s a very versatile grain to work with; you can make it savoury or sweet, decadent (add butter. it’s bomb) or healthy, naked or bedazzled with fruits, brown sugar,, honey and all that jazz. If it weren’t for instagram, I think I would have fallen in that category of human beings.


What’s so good about this oatmeal? I mean… It’s just whole oats that absorbed some milk and water.


It’s not. That’s what. It’s fudginess is comparable to brownie batter I kid you not, along with the super chocolatey flavour lent by the cocoa powder and dark chocolate and mashed banana. And the hazelnut milk I used.

Did I mention it’s healthy + vegan?

No? Well. There it is right there^.




Light’s Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


1/4 cup of raw whole oats

1/4 cup of hazelnut milk (or any type of milk really; the hazelnut just gives it a nutella vibe)

Around 1/3-1/2 a cup of water, or enough to make 2/3 of a cup of liquid

2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 of a banana, mashed

1 teaspoon of sweetener, omit if you don’t mind the slight bitterness

optional but life’s too short so mandatory: two blocks of preferably dark chocolate, but use any kind


Heat up your liquids, then add in your cocoa powder and stir like you would when making hot chocolate; if you’ve never made hot chocolate before you haven’t lived then just stir until well mixed.

Add in your oats, stir consistently until it very slightly plumps up. Add your mashed banana and stir like you’ve never stired before. Give it a taste; you need it to be sweeter? Pour in that sugar then and stir. You don’t need it to be sweeter? Leave it as is. You’ve only got one life, make it a good one.

Now, get that pot of oatmeal of yours off the stove and throw in your optional-but-not-really chopped pieces of chocolate and watch it melt beautifully. And stir it up, don’t forget that.

Pour it in a bowl, top with peanut butter Greek yogurt, banana slices, some more chocolate, take a bite and die. But then wake up from the dead because you aren’t going to waste that bowl of oatmeal and the remnants on the pot.


Good nigth. Night. Can’t spell.


I feel and am grateful

Thank you, God, to have made me a whole and healthy baby, and human being.

Thank you for giving us all these… fortunate ‘chances’ of a sort; my dad’s job in Qatar.

Thank you ma and pa, for supporting me in everything I do, despite the fact that I sometimes mutter curses under my breath whenever you nag me for bad grades or silly choices.

Thank you sister and brotha for being cool about keeping my deep secrets – which are sometimes a tad bit wild.

Thank you dear friends at school for putting up with my oddities and lame jokes (‘aren’t you cold?’ ‘no.. but I am cool’) and my complains on that one teacher.

Thank you cousins, for dealing with my sudden slap on the back and my problems, and the older ones, who put up with my ‘I want to go..!’. You guys are bomb.

Just… thanks you guys (the people i mean).

And last, but not least, thank you for you people whom I, unfortunately, hardly know for also giving me support on this blog; if it weren’t for you I don’t think I would actually have continued taking photographs. (crap there’s dust in my eye) I don’t think I would have known the beauty of veganism without you, so thank you for that too.

I decided along this week, I’ll be posting recipes that are personal; the way I make my food. Simple food.

Back to basics, basically.

Talk about back to basics. Here’s my OOTD for today.


Black V-neck from Muji; hooded plaid shirt from H&M; ‘Sexy Boyfriend’ jeans from Gap




Jayzus kraist. I can’t even handle at the beauty of the sunlight.

Goodbye for now, I’ll see you again tonight.