is it me you’re looking for?


[Nur] Sarah Abdul Rahman. That is I, if you didn’t figure it out.


15 years and 2 (or so) months old. Talks too much during the wrong moments. Eats more than a normal human being would. Comic book and horror/crime novel reader. A star procrastinator. Sees glass as half full, not half empty in case that’s important.

I also don’t have a life. According to so-and-so.


obsessions likes.

taking pictures. eating. dark chocolate. peanut butter. bananas. history. reading – mainly horror and crime books. comic books. zahmbies. trees. music.  johnny rockets soy burgers. i also prefer to stay at home on a weekend night binge watching sorted food and jamie oliver rather than going out with my family, but i don’t really have a choice.



nuts in chocolate. math. studying. drawing graphs. tests.

math. so damn much.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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