Dark Silence




Darkness swept over my mind, dominating it with rules of only ruthlessness and cruelty. Eyes fogged, vision blurred from bright green nature, glare of the sun tinted and all that are coloured neutralised.

As all that are lost cannot be relieved, I sat quietly, silence pierced by overwhelming thoughts that cannot be answered. Humans past by, none of whom perturbed by the tranquility of their surroundings. What was once a blatant sphere ball of fire, turned to an aimless floating circular object making it’s daily rounds.

Reasonings have come upon a conclusion of which lacked -the already absent- optimism; there is nothing.

Nothing for me to live for. Not the bland dark skies. Not the desperate lies escaping the chapped mouths of others. Not the muted noise the wind bears, nor the pleas the failing tulips and gray oaks mouths to me, as their roots began to rot with age and neglect.

It’s far too late.

I’ve given up.


(shut up spell check)


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