Light’s Signature Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


When I said basic, I really meant it. Like basic where I tell you how I make my oatmeal.

But it’s good man. Like really good. Good to the point where I take the time to write out a whole post about them.

Talk about good. I just recently bought the Royal Blood album from Virgin whilst out with my friends (because to be honest I don’t my dad and I would’ve gone that far on a weekend) after much thinking logically -you’ve listened to most of the album anyway, so what’s the point in buying it?- and illogically -but you get to hold it in your hands- throughout the Mockingjay movie. I had obviously chosen the latter route because… you know, duh.

And it was worth the 60 I paid, despite it having only ten songs, making each song costing a 6. I didn’t care, the fact that it made me want to whip my hair back and forth (but obviously I couldn’t as my father was next to me and whipping my hair would’ve put a deep cut to my innocent reputation) and air guitar and air drum along to them was a good enough reason. You bet I raised the volume up high, drowning out our conversation.

That’s just how it is with this oatmeal. Some people despises it, while others love it. Why do people despise it though? It’s kind of weird to me, because it’s a very versatile grain to work with; you can make it savoury or sweet, decadent (add butter. it’s bomb) or healthy, naked or bedazzled with fruits, brown sugar,, honey and all that jazz. If it weren’t for instagram, I think I would have fallen in that category of human beings.


What’s so good about this oatmeal? I mean… It’s just whole oats that absorbed some milk and water.


It’s not. That’s what. It’s fudginess is comparable to brownie batter I kid you not, along with the super chocolatey flavour lent by the cocoa powder and dark chocolate and mashed banana. And the hazelnut milk I used.

Did I mention it’s healthy + vegan?

No? Well. There it is right there^.




Light’s Dark Chocolate Oatmeal


1/4 cup of raw whole oats

1/4 cup of hazelnut milk (or any type of milk really; the hazelnut just gives it a nutella vibe)

Around 1/3-1/2 a cup of water, or enough to make 2/3 of a cup of liquid

2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 of a banana, mashed

1 teaspoon of sweetener, omit if you don’t mind the slight bitterness

optional but life’s too short so mandatory: two blocks of preferably dark chocolate, but use any kind


Heat up your liquids, then add in your cocoa powder and stir like you would when making hot chocolate; if you’ve never made hot chocolate before you haven’t lived then just stir until well mixed.

Add in your oats, stir consistently until it very slightly plumps up. Add your mashed banana and stir like you’ve never stired before. Give it a taste; you need it to be sweeter? Pour in that sugar then and stir. You don’t need it to be sweeter? Leave it as is. You’ve only got one life, make it a good one.

Now, get that pot of oatmeal of yours off the stove and throw in your optional-but-not-really chopped pieces of chocolate and watch it melt beautifully. And stir it up, don’t forget that.

Pour it in a bowl, top with peanut butter Greek yogurt, banana slices, some more chocolate, take a bite and die. But then wake up from the dead because you aren’t going to waste that bowl of oatmeal and the remnants on the pot.


Good nigth. Night. Can’t spell.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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