I feel and am grateful

Thank you, God, to have made me a whole and healthy baby, and human being.

Thank you for giving us all these… fortunate ‘chances’ of a sort; my dad’s job in Qatar.

Thank you ma and pa, for supporting me in everything I do, despite the fact that I sometimes mutter curses under my breath whenever you nag me for bad grades or silly choices.

Thank you sister and brotha for being cool about keeping my deep secrets – which are sometimes a tad bit wild.

Thank you dear friends at school for putting up with my oddities and lame jokes (‘aren’t you cold?’ ‘no.. but I am cool’) and my complains on that one teacher.

Thank you cousins, for dealing with my sudden slap on the back and my problems, and the older ones, who put up with my ‘I want to go..!’. You guys are bomb.

Just… thanks you guys (the people i mean).

And last, but not least, thank you for you people whom I, unfortunately, hardly know for also giving me support on this blog; if it weren’t for you I don’t think I would actually have continued taking photographs. (crap there’s dust in my eye) I don’t think I would have known the beauty of veganism without you, so thank you for that too.

I decided along this week, I’ll be posting recipes that are personal; the way I make my food. Simple food.

Back to basics, basically.

Talk about back to basics. Here’s my OOTD for today.


Black V-neck from Muji; hooded plaid shirt from H&M; ‘Sexy Boyfriend’ jeans from Gap




Jayzus kraist. I can’t even handle at the beauty of the sunlight.

Goodbye for now, I’ll see you again tonight.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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