Screw You Oh Hated Teacher

On a Thursday night, my usual routine would consist of some kind of incoherent webpage with a second mug of hot milo and a packet of bourbon biscuits from 6 in the evening to midnight – with trips to the kitchen and bathroom in between. That was last year, when I was still in year 10 and oblivious to everything that was actually important.

Last Thursday night, I was found in my room, door locked, with a green highlighter in hand as I struggle to understand the process of genetic engineering, stomach growling to be fed dinner. The first time I had ever let school interfere with my eating, and my usual 6-plus-hours-of-internet per day routine. I even had a math study date with a friend of mine on Friday, which lasted for about 4 hours. I now know how to properly multiply probabilities together thanks to her, SO GEt oN YER KNEES.

You have no idea how frazzled my brain feels right now, and how guilty I actually feel right now for being on the computer instead of writing some more notes. And the amount of times I whispered to myself, or probably to Ginger the bear, ‘kill me now’ was quite worrying.

So dear hated math teacher, I dedicate this playlist to you.




Everyday I Love You Less and Less by Kaiser Chiefs

Or in my situation, everyday I hate dislike you more and more.

I Don’t Have The Heart by James Ingram

Or in my case, I do have the heart to hurt you.

One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Just wait for the part where he yells ‘Shut up! But it’s boring..’. Both parts are me, in your class. 

I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy

Really, I don’t. 

Out Of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums

You will never be in my league, nor will I ever want to be in your league. (‘your’ being math)


And of course… I saved the best for last.

Fun/Truck You by Lily Allen. (if you’re under the age of there-is-a-parent-near-you-and-you-don’t-have-earphones/headphones don’t listen to this)

I love you Lily. 

Have a good week y’all.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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