National Peanut Butter Month

I could almost see my math teacher’s mortified expression as she leafs through my quiz paper, her head shaking more than my Daryl bobble head – not that I’m surprised as it sometimes make me wonder how that head could balance on those shoulders. The broadness perhaps.

Back to the important matters..

It’s apparently ‘National Peanut Butter Month’! And I would probably have been clueless still if it weren’t for the foodie instagrammers I stalk often. It pays off to procrastinate you know.


MY jar of peanut butter

As some of you (or most likely none of you at all. This might not even read so I’m just talking to myself) may know, peanut butter and I, we have had a pretty decent relationship. It has yet to be a long one, but I can confirm that I treat it well. I mean… I spread it on a slice of wheat grainy bread with frozen banana coins scattered on top of it so you needn’t worry.

Oh what’s that?


You aren’t sure what the proper way of treating the delectable nutty spread? WELL. That is the main reason as to why I am sacrificing my sleep as I would like all the peanut butter of the world to be treated correctly. How so[?], you say.

Do not underestimate me, for I am *planning* (please note that I am in Year 11 = Tests+Mock Exams so it can be a bit difficult for me to keep risky promises like that) to post a couple (4?.. maybe 3 or 5) recipes that consist of said spread. From then on I would be proud to be crowned queen peanut buttah. Not butter. Buttah.



Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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