I received a ‘Letter of Concern’ at school today, among numerous other students. Fortunately for me, it was only for one subject, and I had already suspected it – but not for my parents neuww.

It stated (aside from the usual ‘Your child received a lower than average grade’ crap)  ‘I recommend your child to take core’. That’s it. No ‘I recommend your child to do some extra practice if he/she would like to do extended’, nope. Just a simple ‘take core’.

Well I HIGHLY recommend you to try and act more like a teacher because that is possiblythe best way to ruin a student’s self esteem. Like ‘Damn am I that bad at _____? I mean… huh’. And no, don’t try and tell me that ‘it’s far too late for encouragements as the Mock Exams are just around the corner’ in that snooty accent of yours. It’s never too late to be encouraging. It is, however, far too late to change one’s taste in fashion (you wouldn’t understand this unless you go to the same school as I do).

Anyways. Enough with my ranting. Let’s get to the goods.


Song of the week:

One and Only by Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy. When Pete had the so called ’emo’ hair.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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