Bob Your Head With Me

Boo to the yah, I have just completed my last test of the week so suck on that teachers nyehhee which could only mean one thing.


You got that right. I wore two completely different shoes, yes. But let’s focus on the main point here; the music I’m going to be sharing with you all. These are the songs that I’ve been bobbing my head to every morning outside the school gates, oblivious to the fact that I probably look like an idiot to the teachers and the security guards. The other students already know my psychotic and loner reputation at school, but let us not discuss that side of me.



Birthday Song by 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West. Great start am I right? There’s just something refreshing about listening to something that doesn’t remotely  make sense, but has a wide range of colourful vocabulary. Plus I would like to boast that I know Kanye’s rap part. *waits for an applause but is presented with only an eye roll*. (as I have provided a video with lyrics you too, can rap along to it)

Superhuman Touch by Black Swan. Unf. This song was introduced to me by my sister, who used to be obsessed with it. And… “You pick a colour and I’ll sing it for you”. Where can I get one.

It’s Up To You Now by The Black Keys. The fact that this band is a twosome of 40-ish year old men who are …. (checks thesaurus) freaking superb at playing the guitar -and singing. I mean that raspy voice- and drums itself is a reason that I listen to them. But dude. This song has like, guitar solos and drum solos. It has a drum solo. 

Howling by To Kill A King. Just like the name suggests, the song sounds kind of like the howling of a dog; soulful, slow and eerie [in a way]. As the song escalates, the instruments in the background rises from their graves and just takes over after the second chorus. It is so good man. Gah.

Kimberley by Child Care + the entire ep. The beginning of this song is weird. You will think that it’s the wrong link, but it isn’t. That part lasts for 3 or so seconds. After that everything just comes on. It wasn’t the song itself that caught my attention, it was the lyrics. Such odd ones they were, my eyebrows crinkled as the teachers pass by me thinking me a psycho killer scheming up an evil plan. No teachers, my mind is not as interesting as that. Oh yes, credits to Dan Smith as I found out about this band through his twitter which I stalk daily hourly. Go and download the album. You’ll love me.

The Driver by Bastille. Saved the best for last. I mean… duh. The different tones of Daniel’s voice. William’s guitar (dying over it). The lyrics – “The sun will rise with my name on your lips, ’cause everything will change tonight”. I stayed up the other day to listen to it when it was first released, and I haven’t stopped salivating over it ever since. Go listen to it, until the end because of Dan’s little breath at the end .


There. I hope you do end up bobbing your head to these. Peace.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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