[Vegan] Banana French Toast

I decided to not edit the pictures in today’s post. I was in the process of doing so, but then decided; hey why not just post the pictures while they’re still raw? 


Wow. So unicorn. Much rare. Is this what I think it is.

Yes, yes it is what you think it is. But mucho better. It is a recipe post brought to you by yours truly, if you didn’t figure it out. If you didn’t actually figure it out you can get out of here  then welcome to my world, where people are expected to know what is going on in my head. It gets quite crowded in there, what with all the thoughts of Dan Smith’s wonderful voice (and face) and zambies and of course, math because it is the worst subject with the worst teacher ever duh.

So, [vegan] banana french toast. How does that sound? If the sight of the name itself made you voice out awful noises that are meant for the bathroom (I’m looking at you Fars), do not be alarm and put your pants back on. Yes,  these do not contain the egg that a traditional french toast would but yo, screw traditional. Imma be going to the next level. Now, egg-based french toast tend to taste savoury; to me at least. And I am more of a ‘dessert for breakfast’ kind of person. I like to start my mornings off with anything that has some form of sugar in it, whether it be the natural kind or the fake; doesn’t matter to me. This contains the first form of sugar.


Look at that. What is that. The light gooeyness (don’t even try to correct my spelling on that spell check) of the middle-of-the-bread along with the melty yogurt and the crisp burnt sugar bits. I’m salivating so hard right now. I was highly inspired to make this by the fabulous So Fine Was The Morning and Minimalist Baker, picking out the key ingredients and estimating how liquid I wanted the mixture to be or how thick I wanted it to be. I was surprised that my father did not awake from his beauty sleep with all the racket I was making down under.

So I present to you…



[Vegan] Banana French Toast. 

1 ripe/spotty banana

2/3- 1 cup of almond/any plant based milk; you can use normal milk if you don’t mind it not being vegan.

1/4-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (depends on your taste buds)

2 1/2 – 3 slices of bread (depending on the type of bread you use)


Mash your banana up well, until little or no lumps can be detected.

Pour in your milk -begin with 2/3 cup, and then just slowly pour in the rest of the 1/3 cup if you think it is not liquidy enough- until the banana mush is fully incorporated with the milk. Mix in your cinnamon to the mixture.

Grease your pan thoroughly as this sticks to the pan very well. Soak your bread slice in the banana-milk mixture on both sides until you are sure that it has soaked enough and slap that on your pan and… make your french toasts as you normally would.

Serve with any toppings you’d like but ice cream and chocolate syrup are highly recommended. Or you could always eat them naked. The french toast I mean.


I am now not surprised as to why I don’t post recipes anymore; I suck at getting the how-to bit right.

Oh well. Enjoy.



Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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