things I apparently like


School past by a little too quickly, not that I’m complaining. We have had homework every single day, with a math quiz at the end of each week. The unfortunate thing about that is, I haven’t passed any of them. All three of them. Year 11 will be the death of me.

The good news here is that she/he hasn’t given me the boot and convert me to core – thank the Lord for the tiny defrosted part of her heart. I have, however, improved on Biology, which is great.

Which leads to a celebration. By a celebration I [usually] mean a coffee in one hand and my pink laptop with Pewdiepie on the screen, all on bed. Bliss. That unfortunately lasts for less than half an hour as my mouth soon releases sticky saliva as my head and eye lids droop.

Anyways. I am not here today to whine, but am here to list down my {weekly?} favourite things. Or things that had made me fangirl/drool/punch fist the air.

What is this. Why isn’t this happening when I don’t have the damn mock exams. Daniel, why. Come to my house and sing ‘Careless Whisper’ will you. 

Dude. How are you even real. I mean… You’re healthy yet, you resemble a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. But in pancakes form. HOw. WhaT.

I love love the guitar in this song. PLUS the fact that they sound great live! (wanna know who ‘they’ are? click it)

Mom, I don’t have a pair of black jeans yet. Nor do I have an OFF-white t-shirt. They would look good together, no? … mother u listenin.

Listen to this by the way. And this (wanted to link the music video… but nah his creepy eyes are more entertaining).

Agggh. just. Agghhh

Kay. That’s it for today. Sorry if it was a bit odd and short.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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