Nom List

I want to post pictures. Really badly. But I can’t. Why?

Because I am the biggest idiot in the world and left the usb drive in Qatar.

So, I decided to talk. About what you say?

About. things. Serious things.

Things like.. Things that I most probably will never be able to consume. Like yo, that is serious stuff. 

This is one of many -many many MANY- list of things I would hyperventilate and kill a spider with my own hands pay top money for. Well, maybe.


PicMonkey Collage

yeah i did get these from google just in case you were about to sue me.


Start from the top!

1. Pana Chocolate. 

It’s raw. It’s organic. It looks fabulous. I don’t think you need more to convince one that these look good. I mean.. there is a little hairless little dude on the cover. And next to the brand name? A heart in a little circle. How can you not. 

2. Pressed Juice

I can’t be bothered with capitalization now. how are you even real, with your disturbingly good-looking colours AND the fact that you’re all natural? i can’t. i mean look at the second one. i want it mainly because of the colour  cuz it’s such an easy way to consume some greens for the day. like you just chug it while marveling at that colour.

3. Annie’s Cookies

the fact that they are bunny-shaped had already won me over. how can you not want to pop animal shaped food in your mouth one after the other? and the fact that they are in a tie dyed box is just. what are you.

4. Nature’s Promise Cashew Butter

let me just start by saying that i am a huge cashew fan, and will always be. it is actually the only nut that i would eat in the nut family (especially honey roasted aggh). the fact that they have this stuff in the spreadable from is just. awesome ok. don’t get me started on how excited i was when i say a jar of freaking cashew cookie dough butter sitting on a shelf in a grocery store i was in. ESPECIALLY the fact that i could actually see the chunks of chocolate in it. it unfortunately costed twice as much as a normal jar of natural peanut butter costs, so i had to put it down and cry in front of the dude who was making endless amounts of sushi.



Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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