Will Never Be Found

‘Stop it!’

The exclamation was heard through the knock-off ‘sound proof’ walls that divides the rooms of Daniel and the parents, Martha and Daryl. They were convinced by an odd looking salesman who was promoting his supposedly ‘superb walls’ which were proclaimed to be the ‘best in the country’. It has now been proven wrong as the parents argue with the volumes revved up to the highest of highs, their tonsils swinging back and forth as words like ‘idiot’ and ‘arsehole’ escaped from the depths of their throats, despite the many videos of the topic ‘Swearing is Satan’ they often put on on the television whenever young Daniel’s around. Class A hypocrites.

The buzz of their voices could still be heard through the pillow Daniel had shoved his head into; not much of a surprise seeing as they were thin flimsy things. Unpleasant thoughts started to crawl into his already-messed-up mind. He couldn’t take this anymore. The unidentified beings that were running around wildly in the hollow head of the boy had begun to make a din in it. That was the last straw. The boy growled ferociously at no one in particular, and pulled tufts of hair forcefully off his scalp, the familiar crimson liquid spitting out of the tiny holes. In sync of that event, a high pitched scream followed; the two of the corrupted actions taking turns with each other.

The sound of the world around him was blocked. He hadn’t heard his plywood door opening, taking it’s time, as if the pusher was afraid of the scene the door was about to unfold. And they were.

Martha and Daryl had stopped arguing as the realization that another argument was occurring at the same time as their’s were had hit them. More so as that other argument -of a sort- was next to them. In their boy’s room.

Pushed the light blue door. The dim light unveiled a creature, one who was tearing his hair, with red splattering the clean walls and rug.

Daniel had not stopped despite the eyes that were laid on him.

That’s when the parents knew.

Daniel couldn’t be cured, couldn’t be like other children.

No matter how much hope was given to them by the Doctor.

It’s lost now. And can never be found.


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