Despite the drowsiness that my head has decided to present to me for no apparent reason, I am feeling quite satisfied.

Satisfied with what, you wonder? Well *laughs nervously* it’s funny you should ask… I don’t know if I should answer it though, as it may make you go ‘Pft. What a wisebird wannabe.’.

What’s that again? You want me to tell you why? If you insist then.

It is life, that is what I am satisfied with. For the first time in ever, things seems to be running -or walking, I should say *snarf* *crickets*- smoothly and well. I am not saying that before, things have been like living hell for me because NAY. It had not and it will never be. What I mean is that, if something goes [somewhat] perfectly for me, a flaw would be expected. For example, last year, I received an A* in a math test (wait for it… *gasps being heard vaguely*) and an E for a biology test.

Thank the Lord for the u-turn I decided to make this year because I had actually made an effort to finish all my homework. No claps? Fine. But yes, I have admitted to the fact that nay, I simply did not bother to do my work during year 10 because I was just too lazy. THERE. Are you happy now ,dear teachers, that I, Nur Sarah, have admitted that I had made up all those excuses because ‘I procrastinated so…’ isn’t a good enough reason? And also, my attention span must have increased because my quiz grades for biology from an E (yes. I even failed my quizzes.) to an A!

Why do I not hear any cheering, never mind the sound of knees knocking on the floor, bowing down to the new ‘Reproduction In Plants’ Master.

So yes. I am now satisfied of life because I have seemingly accomplished the impossible, and had even bragged about it to you darn (cursing is a sin. Don’t do it) readers.

Have a good _____ y’all!

p.s. spending (almost) three months in Malaysia was apparently not enough, so here I am again, back for another week. Expect a chock-full-o’ pictures post in the near future (which is, to me, in about two weeks. Or less).


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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