School Time, Fun Time

I take back what I said on the very first line of my previous post; school isn’t all that great. I mean, it’s good but there’s just a tiny glitch in it. Just a small one. And I am going to rant about it in this post, and you bet that I will be using very pleasant music-your-ears unpleasant, foul language that shouldn’t be read by underage human beings. I warned you.

I might get sued for this.

The main role for a student is to learn, to do his/her’s best in everything they do and to just enjoy life, right? What about teachers? What I think is that a teacher’s main role at school is to encourage students to do their best, be optimistic for and to them, to teach them things and, most importantly [in my humble opinion], to be pleasant with them. The best about that is that, most teachers in my school have all those characteristics; they’re fantastic. Unfortunately, the word ‘most’ slipped in. Now, I’m not saying I’m a special student and is different from all the others or whatever; just a disclaimer. There’s this one class that I, for some reason, dread going to. It’s not because of the subject because I actually don’t really mind it. It’s because I feel somewhat discouraged in that class to try hard, and somewhat hated. I mean yo, I know I was a bad student in year 9, but you don’t have to be bitchy. I was freaking 12 back then, I didn’t know better to than shout out ‘SUCK IT’ in class. It wasn’t even to you, I was just demonstrating a gif I saw online to a friend. Let the bad blood dry, why don’t you? And the other day, in class. It was my third day of school, and I wasn’t exactly used to the ‘terms and regulations’ of this teacher’s class, and so I had done my homework with the absence of the work out IN the copy book when they were in my textbook. BLASPHEMY I KNOW. So when he/she reached my desk to check said homework, I was accused of cheating and checking the answers – even though the answer I wrote was clearly wrong. Like… yo, where is the logic in that? Say something like ‘Oh gee Sarah, you were supposed to have your work out down in your copy book, but seeing as you just came and didn’t know and got the answer wrong anyway… just keep that in mind okay?’

Freaking whoops.

I would rather have a spot on personality who’s nice and pleasant to people BUT have a crappy job with no education needed than a masters degree with an attitude that consists of embarrassing people of their ignorance (please! I beg of you to scream out loud that no, I didn’t do as I was told) and only friendly with the opposite sex.

Hell yeah that felt good. I just hope this wouldn’t be seen by anyone that I don’t want to see this.

Have a good day people, and have an optimistic one.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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