Under the Influence



Taken from @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

Stalking people’s instagrams have been a bit of a past time favourite for me (I can assure you that no, I am not planning to stalk you to the extent of looking for your facebooks and asking to be your best friend forever. That is creepy), most of which falls in the ‘disturbingly photogenic-and-somehow-healthy food’ category. Their pristine white bowls filled with oatmeal flavoured with fruit or cocoa powder, hidden among slices of golden bananas, lime green kiwis and a small handful of cacao nibs, tall stacks of thick fluffy pancakes, a generous amount of raw chocolate sauce running down the sides with fresh fruit at the edges. The use of lighting and the placing of the toppings and the pouring of the sauces, it’s all just beautiful. Never have I thought that healthy food could look good to the eyes and make you want to make it and put it in your mouth in a manner that would make an etiquette teacher gasp and fall upon her knees, begging for you to stop.

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From Alex Crumb 

After months of scrolling through tens of instagrams, I have soon become inspired to make an effort in making my food look good, especially as it is still the summer holidays and I have all the time of the world. In the beginning, I felt embarrassed to cut my bananas in slices and placing them carefully on my chocolate Greek yogurt (thanks to @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie for that) slathered toast in front of my mother, who’s remarked sounded like ‘Oh so you would eat that, but you wouldn’t eat vegetables?’ which has nothing to do with the food I had gobbled up. I enjoyed eating like that, despite the remark. 


my very amateur attempt

Later on, I started thinking of taking pictures of the food I was eating, whether I am eating it at a restaurant or at my house. I began to read photography tutorials and spent a number of hours a day analysing the immaculate and drool worthy photographs of food instagrammers and bloggers alike.

It took quite alot of practice and playing around with, but I soon sort of got the hang of it. Lighting is legitimately trucking important no kidding. 

Despite the weird stares and questions by my family (why are you taking a picture of it you’re gonna put it in your mouth no use making it look pretty), I still do it and I am highly enjoying it. 

*holds out two fingers -you don’t know which two-* bye. 


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