Dark and Broody. Kind of

The weather today was excellent as hell. I took this opportunity to try out a different way of taking pictures by taking advantage of the lighting… and stuff.


OOTD: random animals printed t-shirt, chalk blue button-down, dark blue jeans and boots.


New buy from Typo; mint green milk bottle.


Latest Frankie mag.

new one yo

Berry lemonade at Espresso Lab, Empire. 


Bakin’ brownies yo. 


Breakfast: Dark chocolate Greek yogurt on toast with sliced bananers. 


New socks! Thank you Forever 21 for this. 

🙂 Have a wonderful day.


4 thoughts on “Dark and Broody. Kind of

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    I love the frothy looking drink and the stirring brownie batter picture and the shadow picture was also interesting. Also they all look good together.

  2. Excellent. I love the Berry Lemonade picture. I love that it’s off centered plus the texture on the table. It’s definitely a picture I’d hang on my wall as art. You should look in to that.

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