Much Important

I made a promise to the people who actually reads this blog of mine on a post a couple of days ago, the one with the bucket list. Among the 15 (or was it less?) things I chose to be held in the hands of the Grande Bucket List, posting everyday was one of them. And I did not abide to this, therefore I am considered as a horrible living being for not accomplishing a simple task as this. That’s what I think at least, seeing as instead of doing totally important stuff like this, I sat in front of the television and watched back-to-back episodes of Law and Order: SVU. Obviously, as they were of the older episodes when Agent Elliot Stabler a.k.a Christopher Meloni (yeah, I did my research on why he isn’t in that show anymore. Him and Agent Benson (forgot what her name was) are awesome together), I mean, you would too if you’ve seen an episode of it. It’s interesting stuff -the investigating (and the people. Like interesting looking. And by interesting looking, I mean good looking), not the thing where most of the cases are on sexual.. assaults and of that sort. It’s a good reason yeah? Yeah.

So I was thinking that I should post twice today. To make it up to this blog here. One post would include a picture and possibly a paragraph to go with it (it could be about the picture, could be completely unrelatable to it) and another, without any images, but with loads of random babbles about, oh I don’t know. It could include bits of me explaining hastily why I was missing in action yesterday or something like that. *grins*

This is the ‘and another’ post I was speaking about up there, in that short little paragraph, in case you still didn’t catch on. I shouldn’t be underestimating you, sorry. I was about to use the word ‘pardon’, just because I feel that the word ‘sorry’ is about to fall off of the cliff to the pits of Overused Words (where the dreaded ‘Nice’ and ‘Bad’ resides), but when I tested it out in my semi hollow (just kidding oh dear head. Or should I say just adulting. snort) head, it didn’t sound grammatically correct (thank you Hassan from Abundance of Katherines for sticking to my mind). But, petty distractions aside, I have a lot to inform you. Most of which are important.

How do I say this without being too dramatic..

Well. School is starting in a week. *gushes out a copious amount of much needed air* That felt good, releasing all this… ‘ughs’ that were grouping up in me, all of which are in separate areas of my body, finding each other without any trouble nor fuss, as I do not feel anything scurrying about in me.

Uagh. I don’t want to see my teachers, nor do I want to hear their annoying voices ringing in my fragile ears, telling me to ‘STOP chewing RIGHT this instant Nur Sarah and throw that gum away!’ or the usual ‘Sarah, move to this seat’. No ‘please’ or ‘may’. Just a straight up order, like in a military school. Excuse me teacher, but this is a watermelon gum that you are telling me to spit out, and to make that worse, the flavour was still going strong. That delicious, teeth-clanking gum is rare to get in my book, as they cost a fiver for a packet of twelve 10 minute-lasting sticks of gum. I personally think that if you are patient enough to mark all those papers that are full of endless strings of words, then you could probably give me a few minutes to chew as hard as I can on the poor, innocent mint green strip of chemicals until the watermelon-esque taste drifts off.

That is the end of my free pass to talk as much as I like, as the dreaded clock sitting on the mantle piece strikes the number two, with an unfortunate a.m sitting beside it.



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