Last Minute Summer Bucket List!

So the might Summer holidays are coming to an end which means… BACK TO SCHOOL OMG OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR OMG I CANT USE THAT BAG ANYMORE MOM [insert a person’s name here] HAVE ALREADY SEEN ME WITH IT EWWW. 

Like hey, slow down. I don’t know about you but for the school that I go to, summer isn’t going to end in about two weeks so we in English Modern School are safe. For now. But seriously, screw you school, I did not ask for you to come this quickly. I am not yet ready to face actual human beings who expect me to talk normally and not have my headphones on. Especially those that has the long awaited IGCSEs coming in a number of months. I never asked to grow up THIS fast. I don’t want to. I’m not ready to live away from my family, no thank you. I don’t want to share bathrooms with strangers, I mean it isn’t really the whole point of University but still. I don’t want to. Also, how in the heavens am I supposed to bake and make food in such an enclosed space AND schedule? You answer that and I’ll treat you to a coffee. 

Seeing as there are way too many things that I haven’t accomplished but I want to, I thought I should make a bucket list of things to do BEFORE summer officially ends and I have to head back to the living hell that is named English Modern School. 

I seriously hope I get to cross things out of this list. 

The Official Last Minute Summer Bucket List:

1. Get a pair of shades. Idk ok. I just want some new ones.

2. Buy a random album out of the whim. (okay maybe not so random; get an album from an artist that you’ve heard of, but have never heard of more than one of their songs) 

3. Go kayaking. 

4. Go on a bike ride.

5. Do yoga. 

6. Take a picture of all the foods you ate.

7. Compile a summer playlist.

8. Bake a lot; practice baking and then be really good at baking something (like cake or brownies or whatever)  . And then post about it. Why not? (killing two birds with one rock, but seeing as killing animals is wrong.. feeding two people with one of Dean And Deluca’s caramel macaron) 

9. Post something every single day, whether it be a post all about me talking about one of the things I’ve committed and have crossed off of this list OR if it’s just me blabbing.

10. Start/practice with your (my?) writing regularly; fictional writing.

11. Practice food photography, or just photography in general. 

12. Practice with beautifying up the food you make. (food styling basically.) 

13. Donate. 

14. Sort your priorities out. 

15. Have a chat [of a sort] with one of your favourite bloggers.


 I was quite ambitious when I was thinking about what to say in this post; kind of wanted at least 20, but 15 is all I can think of. I hope I’m not all talk. See you tomorrow. 



Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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