When nature calls…

… You go on a jogging date. That is what I have been up to these days, with my cousin and my sister, in various places.

Staying in the house all day has taken it’s toll on me (and probably the other two as well), sitting on my bottom, staring at a glowing screen of moving pictures and absurd sounds. I needed natural entertainment. Our garden has it’s fill of human hands touching them (get yo’ mind out the gutter yo), so obviously, waking up at the peak of dawn and a ride to the park was much needed. Glorious, it was. 

Excuse the crap quality of my very not mainstream Nokia N8’s camera. But if some of the pictures seem good, those are the one’s that my cousin took with her Blackberry.




That thing swing thingy was fun y’all… until I tripped over the..


..hard-mud-like-things. I don’t know if there’s a word for that but you get what I mean. 


My shoes! After absent-mindedly walking into a mud pit. My turqouise popsicle socks did not survive the unplanned dive.

So after running around and playing Get Lucky out loud (no one was there so why the hell not) and hiking up the hills… we went and got some breakfast. 

I already had my breakfast before we headed out so I just ended up with a drink. 

A delicious one at that. 


Oh freaking yes. Iced Coffee/Nescafe.

That’s how I spent my day today. Or my morning at least.

A productive morning, with an unproductive evening and night to balance it out. 

Okay. See ya. 


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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