Lord Fujifilm.

So I spent the whole of Thursday night (and morning actually. The next morning) writing out this whole post about my roadtrip and was about to put in pictures for that pizzaz when… my camera died. Right when the pointer thingy was hovering above the first picture. To make it all a whole lot better, I could not find the charger. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have a couple hundred pictures that you spent the time taking trapped in that little black metal box, not being able to escape because it’s energy had drained out. Even I can still spurt out information at school, when my energy has drained out and my mouth is frothing out milk. That post will be delayed for now. 

For now, I will just talk about the stuff I’m going to be posting in future posts, when I get a new charger for Lord Fujifilm. I have been doing a lot of photography lately, most of which are of the food that I ate, the flowers in our garden, our garden in general… basically, nature in general. And I’m enjoying it a lot; the lugging this heavy black bag everywhere I go, whipping it out in double quick time to snap an action occuring, letting my food go cold just so I could take a good picture of it but then realizing that it wouldn’t be possible unless I run outside with it. But I’m not that crazy, I promise.

So I’m halfway through with my summer and… It has been fun. More productive than last year’s summer too. Annd I spent mucho more money than last year, buying books and comics and CDs and obviously, snacks. But who cares, I’m still 15. 

Bad reason, but who’s going to argue eh?



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