Oh Summer.

Today I decided to not edit this particular post at all because seriously, no one has time for that (I actually do, a lot of it, but like you know, I’m sick).

So I haven’t been very consistent on writing in this blog lately, and I am a bit disappointed at myself for that. I mean, I haven’t even got anything productive to do. And I don’t think I’ve woken up before 12 these past few days; to be fair I am sleeping at 2 in the morning the earliest so yeah. Since it’s Ramadhan (for those of you who aren’t Muslim, Ramadhan is a month where we don’t eat -we fast basically- from dawn to sunset) we don’t go out as much anymore because of 1) my mom has got to work AND cook for  when we break our fast by sunset and 2) because… dude. We can’t eat throughout the day, how do you expect us to have an impeccable amount of energy?

But I do have an impeccable amount of time. Like no kidding. I’m spoiled with time, yet I waste it by sitting on my butt for at LEAST 3 hours in front of that Mac and my headphones on -sometimes without. very rare- listening to stuff like To Kill A King and Chvrches and then later when I think I’ve spent too much time on the internet I would lie down on the couch and read but for like, only half an hour tops because again, dude. It’s a couch. It’s almost impossible to not fall asleep when your face is in a book and your body is lying on a freaking comfy couch. So basically, most of my time in a day is spent sleeping. Like 14 hours of the day, give or take and hour.

Talk about sleeping/napping.

I had this awesome dream yesterday during my 4 o’ clock daily nap (just kidding… it’s 4.35 right now and I’m not sleeping so). It was so weird though. Like weird in an inappropriate way. I’m not sure if I should tell you what it’s about.

I should. Woody from Bastille was in it. I was in it. My family were in it too. Forgot who else was. So we were apparently best friends or something, and we were discussing poetry. There’s more to it, but nah. Not gonna jot it down here in public.

Such a weird dream.

Such a boring post.




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