So it is the Summer holidays are here once again. Not that I’m complaining, I mean, when else is it possible for me to drink hot chocolate at 12.30 whilst using my father’s precious Mac? It’s actually possible for me to do so on school days but lemme just exaggerate for a bit. Not ever, with school always bugging me and getting up my behind.

Summer, in the Tumblr world, is viewed as spent in beaches, musical festivals and spending most of your time outside in the sun. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you are in your swimwear or shorts 80% of the time. That is how most people spend their summer anyway.

I, for one, do the complete opposite of all things that are listed in the above. My family and I, since we live in the hottest and smallest country (it is even smaller than Coney Island, and that isn’t even a country) on the planet, the thing that we look forward to the most is the date in which we travel back to our lovely home country, Malaysia *sigh*.

Anyways, usually before heading back, we (or more like I, nowadays) would have an itinerary on where to go for everyday of the first two weeks of staying there. But then, the rest of the holiday we would gradually settle down and just chill at home. It’s like a tradition now. So far, I’ve bought a Max Brooks book (Recorded Attacks!!) and Bastille’s album, Bad Blood (and am OBVIOUSLY getting the extended version because why the hell not). You bet your *insert most valuable possession here* I’m going to get a ton more, and am possibly going to blow all of my money this first week because, again,..

Why the hell not. It’s Summer after all.

Back to the things I do. I would usually just sit around in the house reading comic books, eating Malay junk food (which is delicious) and by the end of the summer, I can confirm that my headphones would be stuck on my head.

Have a good Summah y’all! And sorry for the boring post.

*grins with two thumbs up*


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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