Reasons to love Bastille

Today, my goal is to convince YOU (yes you) to love the fabulous band, Bastille.

10 reasons. Probably more.

1. They’re all good looking.


From left: Woody, Kyle, Will, Dan

I mean… how can you not (this question goes to all normal people with the exception of my friend, Aya, who thinks they aren’t as perfect as I do)?

2. When they sing, their British accent can be heard.

And then like, when you sing along you end up revealing your inner British to the common people so there are two benefits from this.

3. They sound excruciatingly good acapella.

I mean, it’s a tad rare to find a band that sounds exactly how they do in their album, never mind better.

And can you please just look at that hair? In addition to the clapping and the knee-slapping and.. uagh.

4. The hair

i dont even care if i already have this


My god.

5. He also wears glasses just in case you don’t know that yet. No? Well you’re welcome.

gif once again.gif e

6. Their covers will give you eargasm (excuse my vulgar usage of the English language but I am not using this word in vain)

I played it like 5 times back to back the first time I heard it; had to stop the 6th time as my dad had gotten sick of it. How, I wonder.

This one was so four-letter-word-ing perfect man. Just ignore the damn back-up singers.

7. He has a cute laugh.

gif once again

I know you can’t exactly hear his laugh here, but you can see it from the way he laughs.


8. He has even modeled for Topman.


Here’s their interview. But look at the pictures first. Just… look at them.

9. Their songs get stuck in your head. And they aren’t about love.

Especially in critical situations where you are doing a Business Studies exam *ehemehem*.

10. They were featured in the most perfect *checks thesaurus for a second* quintessential song ever.

The song ‘Choices’ is by To Kill A King and so many other bands and people contributed in that video. I kid you not you will soon find yourself humming the tune.

There are certainly more reasons to love them, but there’s just too much to list down. Just love them.


They even look good in black and white. Can you get any better than that?

(If you answered that question you had better be ashamed of yourself)


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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