This is apparently me.

I’ve realized quite a lot of things today.


I’m a bit of a pessimist. I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual positive thought in my head after a test or a quiz ever since year 6 after the final exams I had thought ‘Oh the exams were bomb. I probably aced it’. I was so wrong. I got an A (English), a B (Humanities and two Cs (Science and Math of course). Ever since then my mind haven’t produced a positive or somewhat confident thought. I even got scolded at by my mom during an ‘International Convention Center’ that was held here a couple years ago when I had said ‘They probably just got China so congrats Qatar for filling about an acre of land with ‘Made in China’ items that we have obviously haven’t encountered yet in the past’. Just so you know, I was right.

My obsession for bands started two or three years ago, when I found out about Big Time Rush. I’m not entirely sure how I found out about them, but I was truly obsessed. In my old ICT class I used to have a folder full of pictures of them; around 120 of them. Very healthy obsession indeed. I even bought their first album, which I sort of regret because I had just spent 49.90 on that album and I could have spent that money elsewhere. Anyways, I grew out of them (and kind of ditched them along the way. Sorry Logan) as my taste in music began to change (for the better perhaps? nah) and I started having a fetish for old bands (Nirvana I’m looking at you), indie (The Neighbourhood?), rock (I know Arctic Monkeys were suggested by you dear sister but they have grown on me so I shall like them), and pop-ish. I have always been a rock fan, whether it be pop-rock, punk rock or whatever else-rock there are. Now, as those of you who have read this post here, I have a slight (I nearly used the word fetish until I googled it to make sure of it’s meaning. Never again) addiction to the band *drumroll*, Bastille. I seriously cannot wait to buy the album and make my parents open it in their car.

I freaking like it when people are smiling. That sounds a bit creepy, sorry. But yeah, I find it enjoyable to just see people being happy, even if I’m in a bad mood or something. Like, have you noticed that little kids don’t ever seem to stop having fun? I mean, yeah they’re too young to have problems and wait till they grow up you won’t see smiles on their faces anymore….. whatever. Who cares when they grow up? I’m talking about the ‘now’ (excuse my usage of the English language) and people in general. It’s sort of rare now to see people smiling whilst walking down the streets at passersby. I’m not saying that’s how it is in every nation, mind you, but that’s what I am seeing from my own eyes here in the country that I am living in. I’m sure there are people who smile at others. So. Sorry if you got offended about this and are like ‘What is this crap she’s babbling about? I do smile at others in the streets!’. I haven’t been able to talk to anyone for about 9 hours now and I’m desperate.

This has been a very wordy post.

Well. What’s done is done. *clicks on the ‘publish’ button*.



3 thoughts on “This is apparently me.

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