The Right One and the Other Right One

It was never your fault. None of it was.

How in the depths of hell do you propose to tell me how you know that?

I was watching.

Well, obviously you were.

Yes, but anyways. Stop putting the blame to yourself, it’s a bit forlorn.

I have the right to shove all the blame in the world to myself, and I want none of your unwanted opinions.

Pardon me, but I think you do.

How so? It were MY HANDS that had pulled the crutch out of his! I made my arms shoot out as quickly as I could so I wouldn’t lose the chance to hurt his broke ass.


Lost for words now? And you better believe I enjoyed every moment of it.

Have you not realize yet?

Are you about to start another speech on how incorrect my theory was? Even though I had lived it?

If you would stop interrupting I could jus-

Like my poor sore ears haven’t heard you speak before.

Has the fact not get in your head? The fact that I am you, and you are I?


You said your ears are sore. Did you not think of HOW  that has happened? No, I’m sorry, I meant ‘DO YOU NOT THINK?’

Can you stop it with the yelling? It’s a bit on the loud side, if you haven’t noticed.

I am not yelling. I am speaking rather normally.

Stop talking bullshit. Can you explain to me as to why it feels like your voice is almost… inside my head.

Yes? Was that supposed to be a question with no sign of a question mark?

.. So what Professor Wood said was true, after sitting on that ‘chair’.

Thank you for using what you call that ‘brain’ of yours. Now do you realize what you’ve got?


And what is it that you have to live with for the rest of your life?

A split personality.





2 thoughts on “The Right One and the Other Right One

  1. Dang. Well done. I work with people with mental illness and addiction, and one of my guys actually wrote out the dialogue between the voices in his head and let me read it. That’s what this reminds me of.

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