Thinking Out Loud… back to back

My word. ‘I’ll probably be posting at least 5 times a week’ I said. ‘These people are gonna get sick of my posts’ I said.

Well. Now you know how things are easier said than done.

Oh yesh. It is…. Thinking Out Loud Thursday! By the one and only… Running With Spoons.

Let us beegin yes?


1. We had our International ‘Day’ *scoffs at the ‘day’ part*. It was one lesson long which is : 55 minutes. Good job EMS. Buuuut a friend of mine took a picture of me annnnd I present to you…..

My signature facebook pose!


2. I’ve got this song on repeat. Put your headphones/earphones on and turn the volume up. But most of all… listen to the goddamn lyrics. So freaking sweet.

Thank you to the friend whom introduced this to me 🙂

3. FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, I suddenly got really bored of watching Youtube videos and decided, hey, why don’t I go outside for a bit? I mean… I know this is not a big deal but I am one of those people who are somewhat awkward when having a conversation with a person that I don’t know. But HEY HO I stepped outside in my 20+ years old Nike sneakers walking around the compound over and over again.






Yep. That is how bland my compound is.

4. I’m probably late for this but….American Idol’s Finale!!! So many things happening! Like… Paramore performing ‘Ain’t It Fun’! And Keith’s little dance to that song! And then Richard Marx played a piano and I TOTALLY fangirled whilst watching in the kitchen! And Kiss with their tongues sticking out! … and and CALEB! Whom cried when he won! AND THE LENTIL CHIPS WE HAD WAS AWESOME.  

5. I went through two days without any coffee. Can I get a what what.

6. So I was in a bad mood yesterday. This girl  was yelling at me for running slowly; pretty obvious that she did not realize that I was limping because of my sore thighs. So I did what any sane and calm person would do; I lifted the finger at her. I mean, that’s pretty bad just by itself but it gets worse; when I lifted it, a teacher was behind me and I did not even realize it. Good lord Sarah, think before you act.

So that’s enough thinking for me today!

Time to rewind and… relax in front of ma lappy-top with a bag of lentil chips.

Goodnight children of earth.




2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud… back to back

    • Oh. It's Sarah says:

      aww thanks for caring 😀 just in case you think she’s an adult, she was actually just a year older than me… but nonetheless thank you for commenting *beams*

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