Thinking Out Loud… about food

i’ve been busy these days with school. you know.. with lat minute homeworks, projects, tests, cheat sheets, annnd the final exams.

you know how sometimes people loses their appetite or just simply don’t have time to eat? i am fortunately not one of them. whew.

thank you Amanda for doing this. i needed it.




1. is it just me or does starbaks makes normal coffee taste better? or maaayybee it’s because of the fact that it made a dent to my wallet and i’m tryna convince myself that it’s good. maybe.



2. we ate at this new Mexican restaurant earlier today for out weekly thursday outing and it was so cool. they had a whole freaking cabinet (is that what it’s called? i dunnoo) FULL to the brim with different hot sauces. i grabbed like 4 bottles for our table even though i knew i would be the only to be trying them…. apart from the one in da picture. i snatched that one up because of the of the design 😀 [if you’re interested… the empty plate there was once full of this awesome bbq chicken quesadilla topped with melted cheese… so dang good]



3. we had cake on mother’s day! mine was obviously the chocolate one up there right theree. it was so good you guys. and yes, those are my pajama pants. so smexy sarah.






4. this stuff is freaking delicious. i had some for a snack and later on it ended up my dinner. i highly recommend you people to get this chocolate bar thingy. you’ve gone to the supermarket already you say? well i say that this chocolate bar is worth another trip. just… keep this in mind: MILKA STRAWBERRY YOGURT.



5. i got a new watch! my mom bought it for me as a surprise as i’ve lost my last one at school :c and i am in L O V E with it. yagggghhhhh.

well that was swell (hehe) wasn’t that? …. no?

okay then.



have a good weekend and goodbye you pleasant people!




7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud… about food

  1. Starbucks IS magic! No matter how many different shops and coffees I try, I keep going back to Bux because nothing quite hits the spot like they do. And it helps that they’re basically everywhere so you can have your fave coffee no matter where you go 🙂

  2. Habiba says:

    The least you could do is ‘act’ like a lady on the blog.. I see you everyday, I got used to it, the world doesn’t and didn’t…

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