Thinking Out Loud… and I’m late yet again.

Hello. It has been about 5 days since I’ve last posted here and I have school to blame.

Anyways, I am doing another ‘Thinking Out Loud‘ post which is a linkup party by Running With Spoons so click on that!


1. I started a new series. That is probably a bad mistake to make on a school day because I ended up sleeping at 12 because I was way too curious what would happen to Walt and Jesse (swoon yo) on Breaking Bad. So damn awesome.


I freaking loved this episode. Partly because of how that guy died (head got crushed with an ATM which was pushed by his prob-high wife) but mostly because of how nice Jesse was to that red head kid. Asfdsfa

2. I just got like 35 more days of school left until I am FREE for two whole months and some. I am so damn excited to go back to Malaysia *__* I can’t even focus in class anymore because I kept on just counting down the days over and over again. But then after the summer holidays end I got my IGCSEs to worry about *grabs hair* aggh.

3. I said ‘Yo Miss’ to my business studies teacher during class. It was so weird. This is also a reason as to why I rarely start new series’; I get so used to listening to Jesse saying ‘Yo’ that I’m saying it to a teacher. Let’s just say that my name ended up on the board after that.

4. I need to quit drinking coffee. It has been bad man. Like real bad. I mean… I’m drinking more than my parents and I’m 14 years old. How that’s not bad I don’t even know. And plus, from all the coffee I’m drinking, I end up not eating much. Why? Because for some reason, it makes me feel full. Like full full. I mean it would probably be the first time I don’t feel like snacking on a cookie or whatever. It friggin’ sucks.

5. Talk about cookies…



Yeah I made some more, because you know I don’t want my brother to be eating that processed stuff (says the girl who has a stash of golden oreos); I want him to consume healthy natural cookies. I mean… eggs = protein.

And I’m pretty proud of my breakfast..




Hehe. I tried to get fancy with the boring-looking stack of chocolate pancakes with them banana coins by pouring a load of Hershey’s syrup. Oh how I love thee Fridays.

6. Last but *read this in a British accent* certainly *goes back to normal* not least… I borrowed another book from the library!



The Outsiders. I obviously chose the book because of the content and not what’s on the cover *coughs*bullcrap*coughs*. Ohhh school library. How dare you for not having ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. And how dare me for not reading it when I had the chance and for thinking that it would be just like any other love stories. But right after I watched the trailers, I kid you not readers I actually shed a tear. Because of a trailer. Do you sense how much of a baby I am?

Well that’s the end of all the thoughts that have been written annnd…

I hope you have a good day and life 🙂 Goodnight and stay cautious.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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