Breakfast Challenge: Day 3



Pardon the bad lighting here, I had to be quick with taking the picture as we had our breakfast at a mall. It’s sort of a ‘tradition’ (if you may) for my mom, my sister and brother if they’re also here and I to go out and get breakfast at a restaurant whenever we have a sort of holiday. This time, it was my mom, my brother and I and we ate at a restaurant (or a cafe actually) called Opera. I would’ve taken a better shot of the plate above if it wasn’t for the over whelming amount of waiters hovering near our table. So this was my first time trying this dish and it was called…

English Breakfast: Large Mushroom and Cheese Omelette with smoked sausages and baked beans on the side and a cup of Earl Grey tea. 

I was highly confused when the waiter handed me the plate because I had this in mind when I asked for an ‘English Breakfast’.

Anyways; my thoughts on it. I thought it was an ‘alright’ omelette because it was a bit on the dry side and most of the ‘Mushroom and Cheese’ part were in the centre of it so all I had for the first 5 bites were just plain egg. A dash (or three) of salt and pepper helped. I gave my mom all of the baked beans since I don’t eat beans (and by ‘don’t’ I mean I just never tried it and don’t intent to because of f e a r of farts (jk)) but I ate the sausages! Well, two of them at least. I gave the rest to my brother who happily gobbled it up. It’s not that they weren’t good, but  I was already on the full side so… *grins*.

That was a lot of talking and I’m sorry if I bored you with my blabbers annd..

I hope you had a good day today and remember to treat yourself kindly 😀

P.S I was craving coffee a lot all day so this happened…


…twice. Oh well I’ll probably do it again tomorrow.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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