I shall drink

Hi there.

*slurp slurp*


I am in love with tea.

I have been seeing tea for about a year now.

I hang out with him every single day, in the mornings if it’s the weekends, but in the evenings or at night on weekdays.

And I not only see (read: drink) ’em hot, I also see (again, read: drink) ’em cold, with a slice of lemon too, to amp up the flavour.

He keeps me calm and serene on my most stressful days (days when I got math h/w to do..) and cheers me up on my sad days.

But recently, I have been seeing (sipping) another.

He makes me feel things that I don’t while with Tea. Makes me feel somewhat energized

Keeps me up at night (okay that sounds a tad bit dirty 😉 ).

And makes me crave for more.


Tea, meet your competition, Coffee.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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