What to do when you are panicking.

a.k.a When you are in one of those moments where you’re just like ‘omg wtf (what the freak) do I do know agh agh agh *continuously pulls hair + a bit of skin from scalp*

Because that is the situation I am in right now.

1. Do not overreact outside/physically

If you show that you are panicking, it will tell people that you are weak (and that you are panicking because of something). Just act cool, like how you would after walking out of your bedroom. That’s how chill you have to be.

2. You can always just… ditch it.

This isn’t the best thing to do but…. what if that ‘problem’ you are panicking about is occurring while Thanksgiving dinner or when you are ‘breaking your fast’ (if you’re like me)? Ain’t no one got time for that… it’s time for food now so *pushes shoves all problem, signs of panic-ness and shit off the table*. Deal with it much much later. Or never.

3. Take a deep breath and… just continue doing so.

First of all, don’t forget to breathe because there are possibilities of that happening as your mind is way focused on one thing. Second of all, it isn’t a big deal, no matter how big it is it’s just not that big. Who cares if you made a mistake now? No one’s gonna be like ‘omg look at herrr some crap happened to her omg omg’. Nope.

I actually thought that I could make 5 up. Well I was wrong in that department.

So wrong.




*dies, but wakes up from the dead to go make some hot chocolate*

Bai. Have a good day/night (depending on your part of this earth).


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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