Movie Review: Evil Dead 2013

(first and foremost all of these opinions are mine and that there might be some spoilers. Thank you)

I somehow decided that it would be ‘cool’ to watch this movie at night. A school night. How dumb I was that night. It was all a big ‘what the freak am I watching’.


this is what happens when you post something at midnight; you forget to edit.

First of all, let me just say that this movie is freaking violent and gory. I mean, they ain’t being nice when they [example] are showing a scene where the girl uses an ax and just drives it into the guys body and just show the blood that are like squirting out of the wound. No. They actually show the ax go in and out of the body. And that’s probably the most not-so-bloody scenes. Lets just say that I just listened to the screams and did not look at the screen during the worst scenes.

Anyways. Onto the important bit: the plot. So basically, to cut things short, the movie is about this demonic being that ‘comes’ to the person that says a certain phrase/word; possibly like a calling name[?]. It goes into the person -or if the person that said the ‘phrase’ is in a group, into whomever is the closest- and ‘possesses’ him/her. But not the normal type of possess, oh no. You see, it’s like the whole ‘possession’ thing follows a book. What is in that book, will ‘happen’ to you. For example, one of the scenes of one of the girls, Olivia. She was in one of the rooms, getting a syringe, upstairs (of course it’s upstairs), and ‘it’ got into her. Coincidentally, the book was in that room, and so I got a screenshot of the page:


And that is exactly what she did after the demon took over her body. She took the skin off of her face…skull. Also, if you’ve turned into one of them, you end up trying to kill the other living person/people in the area – violently.

The basic idea of it is quite interesting, and that was what made me want to watch it so badly. And desperately seeing as I had to watch it this very night. I thought I might’ve enjoyed this movie and I did, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that, it was just way too gory for me to actually enjoy it. There were bits where I could handle; the arm-cutting, shooting and all the blood (not saying I like it, but I could handle them). The other parts.. they were the sort of scenes where things could go wrong and it might go in the eye or the peeling the skin off the face. Those were too major for me.

The overall acting and characters weren’t bad. There was the ‘girlfriend blonde’, the nerd, the independent brunette, the good looking hero one and the weird outcast -the one that got possessed. I can’t really rate the acting seeing as I’ve no idea how to differentiate, but the 1987 version [of the movie] had better acting. My favourite character though was the nerd, Eric ^^.



The ending was the most unexpected. I have thought from the start of the movie that David was gonna going to live, while the rest dies. I know I know, that is such a mainstream thing to think but hey, it was 9.35 at night, cut me some slack man. I was wrong in so many levels. Everybody died except for.. Mia. She lived one-handed and human. And covered in blood.

So all in all, it was a good movie. Wasn’t great, but it was good, a notch higher than average. It was a bit off for me was because of the violence. And that pathetic blonde character. Dumb blonde character (not saying all blondes are dumb, but this one was).

I’m giving it a 3.75 out of 5.

Well now excuse me while I go and look at pictures of kittens and listen to happy music.


Got any thoughts? Comment down below!

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